Out of Popper

It’s not easy to keep things in stock these days …

So you might have noticed the Popper coffee roaster is out of stock. We have some units in reserve to cover any issues / replacements, but don’t have any to sell.

It’s pretty easy to guess the reasons, but just to state the obvious … this big rats nest called the global manufacturing and logistics network is very hard for a small business to negotiate these days. Parts aren’t available and time lines keep changing.

We are taking this break to make any changes we need in components. The plan is really not to “upgrade” what we have, add function (which always adds cost). But instead to improve the durability and % of units that come off the line with a quality issue.

When you manufacture something the accepted rate of defect is 1.5%. That could be one of the many components, or the assembly itself. We actually came in way below that with assembly defects (and we replace any problem units promptly as our buyers will know). But we want to improve some components in terms of durability, specifically a better fan motor.

So that’s where Popper is at, and the focus of the project. Look for updates when we are in production again, which should be fairly soon.

In the meantime, Popper is 100% supported, so send any questions about operation or to report any issues!

Popper Coffee Roaster Side View
Popper Coffee Roaster Side View

4 Replies to “Out of Popper”

  1. Hi! It’s getting into gift-giving season and it seems like the snarl of shipping and supply chains is slowly healing. Do you have any newer-than-June information about the Popper?

    1. Hi – It is unwinding a bit for sure and we hope to ship soon. But we are now looking at after christmas unfortunately. You’re right about logistics getting a little easier for sure… but port of Oakland is still a mess! We will get there…

  2. Hi ,
    I am sure you are inundated with messages so I will be brief.

    I am very interested in purchasing a Popper.

    I am leaving my contact information below.

    Thank you and have a great Christmas and New Years

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