Popper Availability and Sweet Maria’s

Popper Coffee Roaster Control Knobs

Why isn’t Popper on Amazon? Why isn’t it sold everywhere?

Thanks for asking!

Popper is a fairly new product on the marketplace (well, nearly 1900 of them have been sold so it’s not rare or anything). While there is a decent supply of them, there isn’t enough to distribute them widely yet, and, more importantly, not the support staff to administer this.

Popper shares space with Sweet Maria’s and is in fact related since one of the owners, Thompson, is also the person behind it. The fact is, Popper probably wouldn’t be possible without Sweet Maria’s as a partner, although the company and project are entirely separate business-wise.

Popper Coffee Roaster Control Knobs
Popper Coffee Roaster Control Knobs-, home coffee roasting

Popper is also not the kind of project that could exist stand-alone. TBH it is basically cost-prohibitive to bring a moderately priced roaster to market, and it going to take some time to break even with the costs to get this manufactured. I can see why people use kickstarter to push that cost onto future customers … not sure that really works in the long run either though. There isn’t a lot of focus on all the misfires and failed products there… mostly just “we received our 150k funding in just 3 hours!” Ha ha. (Yes I am still waiting on my filter free ceramic dripper from mid 2021!)

As you may know, the environment for manufacturing and logistics has become really challenging. For example the container shipment cost (just shipment) that was under $3000 rose 400% between the first and second shipment. Yes, when the second shipment starts selling the retail price of Popper has to go up. That’s just the world these days.

Anyway, in time things will change but until we see Popper all over the place. Especially when the mfr costs and logistics stabilize. Until then, this is where you get Popper: https://www.sweetmarias.com/popper.html

The Popper Coffee Roaster YouTube Channel

popper is a coffee roaster - disassembly

Popper has a separate You Tube channel with some helpful videos

I have been adding some videos on You Tube and want to make sure folks can find the channel. Seems like searches for Popper and Video have a lot of results!

The channel link is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCExelM89WQaU9MmYVlX3f8Q

The latest video is a bit of candid talk and a take-part / deconstruction of Popper to show the build and insides. I can’t recommend modifying it in any way, but I do want to show how it is built, the components, and how I test the units.

A Home Coffee Roaster Called Popper

Popper Coffee Roaster Front Angle View

It is indeed, a Popper! But Popper is a coffee roaster indeed

We are excited to launch this new home roaster because it offers a great, economical option to start roasting your own coffee. But we also think experienced folks who roast coffee will find it attractive … and perhaps those who like to modify machines too.

Popper is, as the name makes pretty clear, based on the hot air popcorn poppers so many people use to roast coffee. (And in case you are wondering … Popper does indeed do a good job popping popcorn too!) Popper allows user-control of the heat level, fan speed (just high and low really) and the roast time. These can all be fluidly adjusted during the roast cycle.

A Quick 2:00 Popper Roast Run-through

Popper coffee roaster 2:00 Intro video

Not high tech… but simple, straightforward, and user-friendly

Popper has no automated roast cycles, beyond a default 7:00 roast and 3:00 cool. You, the user, can “profile” the heat curve and set roast parameters using the front control knobs. But nothing is “preset” for you. If you want a roaster that saves programs, has automated roast curves, or connects to your phone app, Popper is not for you, probably

Turn on the Popper and you see 0:00 on the timer and a green light – the Off position. When you start a roast batch, the maximum time allowed will read 10:00 on the digital count-down timer. But that is not 10:00 of roast time. The final 3:00 on the timer is the cooling cycle. During the roast the light is red, and when the timer reaches 3:00 it turns blue for cooling. So yeah, you gotta do a little math: 5:00 on the timer clock means you have 2:00 more of roasting and then 3:00 of cooling. You can handle it!

The nice thing here is, unlike some other roasters, you can use the time dial to add and subtract roast time during the roast whenever you want. Even if Popper goes into cooling mode, just turn the dial above 3:00 and you can roast more.

In other words, Popper is pretty inuituve for you to control. It’s not high tech but -pretty ok in terms of human tech. And we still think humans controlling and making decisions about the roast process is the best way.

Please see the FAQ Page for lots more detail

Here is a slightly more detailed 7:00 Popper coffee roaster intro video…

Popper is a coffee roaster, intro video 7:00

Popper Quick Start Guide and Safety Precautions

Popper comes with some printed guides to get you started and offer safety advice. Here are some image highlights, and the full PDFs are linked below-

Popper PDFs

These come with the machine, but here are printable PDF versions in case you misplace them

Please see the Popper FAQ Page for lots more detail

It’s a “coffee roaster”

This is just a photoshop image of the Popper with the color shifted from black to gray and the name inserted.

It’s larger than we thought but actually about the same size as the first generation Poppery air popper we sent to them. Big also means stable, which I guess is good.

Popper Coffee Roaster
Popper Coffee Roaster