Popper Availability and Sweet Maria’s

Why isn’t Popper on Amazon? Why isn’t it sold everywhere?

Thanks for asking!

Popper is a fairly new product on the marketplace (well, nearly 1900 of them have been sold so it’s not rare or anything). While there is a decent supply of them, there isn’t enough to distribute them widely yet, and, more importantly, not the support staff to administer this.

Popper shares space with Sweet Maria’s and is in fact related since one of the owners, Thompson, is also the person behind it. The fact is, Popper probably wouldn’t be possible without Sweet Maria’s as a partner, although the company and project are entirely separate business-wise.

Popper Coffee Roaster Control Knobs
Popper Coffee Roaster Control Knobs-, home coffee roasting

Popper is also not the kind of project that could exist stand-alone. TBH it is basically cost-prohibitive to bring a moderately priced roaster to market, and it going to take some time to break even with the costs to get this manufactured. I can see why people use kickstarter to push that cost onto future customers … not sure that really works in the long run either though. There isn’t a lot of focus on all the misfires and failed products there… mostly just “we received our 150k funding in just 3 hours!” Ha ha. (Yes I am still waiting on my filter free ceramic dripper from mid 2021!)

As you may know, the environment for manufacturing and logistics has become really challenging. For example the container shipment cost (just shipment) that was under $3000 rose 400% between the first and second shipment. Yes, when the second shipment starts selling the retail price of Popper has to go up. That’s just the world these days.

Anyway, in time things will change but until we see Popper all over the place. Especially when the mfr costs and logistics stabilize. Until then, this is where you get Popper: https://www.sweetmarias.com/popper.html

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